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  • Beatrice Deglin Leder Theater Award, 2018

  • Anna Moffo Award, 2014

  • John Phillip Sousa Award, 2014

  • GPNATS Musical Theater First Place Award, 2015

  • GPNATS Classical First Place Award, 2016

  • GPNATS Musical Theater and Classical First Place Awards, 2017


"Ms. Horner is a prodigy of sorts, a consummately gifted singer and actress, mature well beyond her years in terms of her command of craft and ability to be fully present in the moment, firing on all cylinders ... she is impressively centered, in both her voice and her body, and always prepared to fully engage with her colleagues in rehearsal. ... She is resilient, has a strong work ethic, is personable and collaborative and an open vessel, eager to improve her craft skills and unafraid of failure. ... On stage, she is completely and effortlessly charismatic and alive in the moment."


"[She is] a remarkable young woman, wise and gifted far beyond her years ... such a grounded sense of self, incredible instincts, intellect, grace, kindness and compassion."

"She's the real deal. Absolutely self possessed. Gorgeous. Stunning voice. She [is] simple, clear, efficient, connected. And her VOICE will heal whatever ails you."


Praise for 'The Underpants'

"Truly luminous - a professional, well crafted and delightful performance full of ease, wit, and joy."


Praise for 'The Matchmaker'

"All Horner has to do is hum, and I can hear the superior quality of her voice and tone. When she sings, it’s heaven ... As Irene, Horner, like Czarnecki, is not afraid to convey maturity. ... Horner maintains a certain sophistication and hauteur while also being game for a joke."


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