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Hello and welcome!

I'm Katie Horner, a Philadelphia-grown, NYC-based actor, singer, dancer, playwright, composer, accompanist, and instrumentalist.

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News and Updates

It's new, it's a musical, it's a new musical! 

April 20 - 24 2022

This April, come on down to Theatre Row on 42nd St. New York, NY to experience The Golden Cage, a new musical. I will be covering both leads.

Deja Vu ... Buddy Holly? 

December 2021 - January 2022

I'll be flying down to Sarasota, Florida to join Florida Studio Theatre's production of Buddy - The Buddy Holly Story as Vi Petty for the last few weeks of their run. 

A Tour of Buddy Holly - PART 2

September - December 2021

I will be rejoining the cast and crew of the Buddy - The Buddy Holly Story national tour to take this story of love and rock and roll to the good people of the continental US

about Me

I think my parents knew to start stockpiling money when they attended their twelfth popsicle-stick-puppet play written, produced, and performed by their eight-year-old daughter ... they were soon going to have a starving artist on their hands. 


I don't think they were too surprised when I packed my high school schedule with choir, marching band, jazz band, a cappella, play, and musical rehearsals.

It also follows that my graduating from Temple University with a degree in musical theatre and acting would not have been too shocking.

I do think my being able to make a living from the skills I discovered at age eight is a source of mild, delighted confusion for all of us.

But what I think does consistently flummox my parents is the unforeseeably profound impact a popsicle run to Giant would have on all our lives.





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Solo artist singles

so well (sample)Kaye Rose
00:00 / 00:52
make room (sample)Kaye Rose
00:00 / 03:04
my hope (sample)Kaye Rose
00:00 / 02:31

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